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About us...

The 60 acre parcel of land on which Elk Island Retreat is located, has been our home since 1981 and it is where we raised our four sons. Incorporated in 1995, with the help of our sons, we slowly built Elk Island Retreat to what it is today. We feel blessed to have been allowed to enjoy this gem of natural beauty and we wish to share it with our visitors. We trust you will find a "feel at home" atmosphere here.

Elk Island Retreat has had visitors from all over the world. Many of our guests have commented that they have experienced an overwhelming sense of oneness with nature during their stay here.

Two production companies have used this site for their filming location. A movie called "Alone" was filmed here and a biography on the life of Chief Big Bear.

We invite you to come and visit us and trust that your experience too, will be a memorable one.

Rick and Pat Hanneman


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EIR Entrance

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